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Group Business Meeting 

You are a member of Central Group when you say you are. All members have a vote at our Business Meeting and we encourage all to attend. CG members may hold a position as a trusted servant but you do not need to be a trusted servant to get involved. There are many ways to serve. Plan on attending several group conscience meetings to see for yourself. 

The Group Business Meeting should focus on our primary purpose, to "carry the message to the alcoholic who still suffers". We also conduct other housekeeping duties such as paying the rent and making sure our literature is available. Some handy pamphlets that explain our duties and focus are The A.A. Group and A.A. Tradition How it Developed by Bill W. Please try to read these before you decide to get involved.

When attending a business meeting please understand that whenever decisions have to be made, there may likely be dissention and we may have to invoke Roberts Rules of Order, however not many of us like parliamentary rules so we like to keep it to a friendly discussion.

Serving at the group level is not for everyone. The following are service commitments needed on a continuous basis.

- Central Group sponsors two facility meetings.

- Sponsorship.

- Support is needed for Jail and Prison meetings.

- Chairpersons for Central Group meetings.

- Speakers for Central Group meetings.

- Providing rides.

- Stacking chairs, and greeter's.

- If you don't see anything here you like, Click This Link Get Involved

For more information, please contact the Secretary, GSR, Intergroup Rep.

Currently, Central Group policy is to password protect all Minutes, Financial Reports, or any personal information. Members may contact the Secretary, GSR or Webmaster for the password.  



Declaration of Unity

Central Group Guidelines

Chairperson Guidelines

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 Business Meetings are on the first Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm downstairs.

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