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The following is the shared experience of our fellowship on topics that have sparked interest and debate within Central Group over the past years.  All articles have been reprinted in their entirety so as not to take out of context and all the required permission has been received and copyrights acknowledged.

What is a business meeting ? Business Meeting 1    Business Meeting 2
Group Conscience - Informed Group Conscience what's the difference ? Group conscience inv. box459 2002
Informed group conscience

Many groups enjoy a large influx of treatment centers to our meetings. Find out our fellowships experience, strength and hope is on this matter.  smf-142

Primary purpose - Singleness of purpose - How should we treat people who talk about drugs in our meetings ? How rigid or tolerant should we be ? Box 4-5-9 2004 Singleness of Purpose    Bill W. Grapevine 1958
Dr. G.E. Vailant MD Singleness of purpose

San Marco Club and Central Group separate entities indeed ! But sometimes the lines blur Find out our fellowships experience, strength and hope.   Clubs and AA